Sushi Tycoon – Quick Review

Are you a sushi lover with (un)healthy affinity for idle games? Well you’re in luck, Sushi Tycoon by Family Play ltd was just released on Android and should satisfy all your needs for unrealistic amounts of virtual cash.


Sushi Tycoon – Idle Game

I must admit that I was a bit disappointed to find out that Sushi Tycoon is not an actual “tycoon” game from the old days, but an idle clicker instead. The noun “Tycoon” (at least in the past), was usually added to larger games involving healthy amounts of micro-management and very deep game progression. But that was then, this is now and what we have now is a pretty little sushi themed game that will probably appeal to every “idle clicker” out there.


Sushi Tycoon checks all the basic boxes for an idle game. You start off with only one “Sushi Restaurant”, click it repeatedly until you have enough money to buy the first manager and automate the process. Wait a while and upgrade to your next moneymaker, in this case the home delivery service. As the money flows, you have to upgrade each station and double its speed at certain point (25, 50, 100 etc.). Keep doing this, buy managers as fast as you can and you are all set to be the worlds biggest sushi franchise owner.


Aside from the business managers and station upgrade, there are permanent upgrades as well and even grand-masters that require you to reset the game for a nice boost of minimum 2% profit. The info window clearly tells you how many grand-monsters will you receive with the restart, so don’t do it before you get at least a couple.


What makes Sushi Tycoon special


To be honest, nothing, but that’s the case with nearly all idle games (at least the smaller ones). For start, the game won’t shower you with ads or push you too hard to buy IAP’s. In fact, ads are not really there unless you decide to watch them in order to gain some of the bonuses. The colors are easy on the eye and the game keeps making money (as it should) while running in the background.
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Unfortunately there is no Google Play Games integration, so no achievements or cloud saves (or scoreboards if anyone cares). All in all Sushi Tycoon is a nice little Idling game that will only take up around 100mb of your storage space and yes, it works in offline too. Happy Idling.


Tokyo Sushi Diner Idle Game
Tokyo Sushi Diner Idle Game
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