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Tap, Click ‘n Destroy – Idle Space Ship Simulator

Tap, Click ‘n Destroy is free space mining simulator with core game mechanic of incremental clicker games with small additions of arcade elements. Tap to destroy asteroids, planets and even stars in your endless adventure across the universe. Earn money with your mining skills, improve your spaceship with various modifications and build your private space station with various modules.

★ Explore different location in space: asteroid fields, space junk yards, planets and even black hole in center of galaxy
★ Improve your spaceship and unlock powerful abilities
★ Build and upgrade unique modules in your space station
★ Craft powerful ancient artefacts by acquiring parts across galaxy
★ Improve your skills by gaining experience from game activities
★ Compete with other players in Google Play Game Services Leaderboards


How to play

1. Destroy different space objects in galaxy by tapping on them
2. Collect shards to earn money and experience
3. Buy and upgrade your space ship modules, learn new skills, build personal space station
4. Destroy dangerous space objects in time to earn artefact parts
5. Craft ancient artefacts to improve your abilities
6. Find portal near black hole to another universe, but be careful – there is no return and you can take only will keep only skills and artefacts you earned
The game is free to download and play, but includes in-app purchase, which remove In Game Advertising.



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Tap, Click ‘n Destroy
Tap, Click ‘n Destroy
Developer: Toskaigra
Price: Free
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