Epic Skater 2 Lands on the Play Store and iTunes

A successor for the highly acclaimed “Epic Skater” (Pocket Gamer Silver Award Winner) was released today. Epic Skater 2 comes from the same developer “Your Daily Fill” and was released simultaneously on Android and iOS. The new version brings in couple of changes, but keeps the crowd-favorite player controls and the “Trick & Combo” scoring system.


Epic Skater 2


There are 24 unique levels and 3 difficulty tiers to begin with, plus the classic “Endless Mode” where you can reach  higher distances over and over again. The brand new “Create-A-Skater” feature allows you to customize various aspects of your skater and contains over one billion outfit combinations. And that’s just for start, there is already an announcement for an update pack on the way.



Other modes include Vertical Skating and Wallplants that allow the player to turn around explore the world in any direction. Daily challenges are also present and they should allow you to progress faster and collect various rewards. The developers are promising even more upcoming content and extended support.


“Epic Skater 2 is packed with all the fun and depth of an action sports console game combined with the ease-of-play and convenience of the mobile platform. With future updates and gameplay expansions on the roadmap, we intend to make Epic Skater 2 one of the most fun games to play this Summer and for years to come.”


The game can be downloaded from the Play Store and iTunes for free and requires an Android device with at least 1.5GB of ram, running version 4.1.1 (ICS) or later. Check it out from the link below.



Source: Press Release

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Epic Skater 2
Epic Skater 2
Developer: Rogue Games, Inc.
Price: Free
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