Tactical Battle Robots

A brand new casual game with robots comes from Binarystudio 54. Tactical Battle Robots is a mixture of arena team fights and idle resource gathering. The game is free and the developers are promising stress-free gameplay with plenty of robots that can be gathered, upgraded and boosted over the course of the game.


Tactical Battle Robots Gameplay


You start off by choosing your main fighter, you can either opt for more damage, more health or the middle one which seems to be well balanced in both fields. The controls are fairly simple. All you have to do is drag a straight line from your attacker to the enemy you wish to attack. Once in a while you will have to use the unique abilities, specific to your robots that will either hurt the enemy team or buff your own. At first, you only get one special ability and once you level up, other skills will also be unlocked.





The primary currency in the game are the gold coins which are used to level up your secondary team members, their skills or buy boosters to help you during a difficult fight. Coins are awarded by completing levels, but also from your mine that can be upgraded and improved. The mine does get you coins even when offline, but you will have to raise the cap ASAP otherwise you will only get about 300 coins. More nodes can be purchased later to keep your income on decent levels.

The second (premium) currency are the gems. They are used to recruit new robot members to your team, for potions that will temporarily boost your stats or premium boosters from the store. Gems can be gathered by completing missions by playing, or can be bought as in-app purchases.



Tactical Battle Robots is free to download from the Play Store. The game contains two kinds of ads, one (5 second) after each level and one (optional) to get a decent amount of gold coins instantly. Unfortunately there is no sign if any purchase from the store will remove those ads. Otherwise, Tactical Battle Robots requires around 100mb of storage and will run on pretty much any Android device with OS version 4.1 (ICS) or later. The game can also be played in offline, which is a big plus, but Google Play Services achievements, leaderboards and cloud save are not supported.


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Tactical Battle Robots
Tactical Battle Robots
Developer: Binarystudio 54
Price: Free+
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