Dealer’s Life Leaving Early Access

Abyte Entertainment has announced a new update for their tycoon styled game – Dealer’s Life. This update, among the new features will also include balance changes and a 50% discount for the premium version until 2nd April, and it will then celebrate Easter time with the release of a new theme related to this festivity.


Dealer’s Life


In Dealer’s Life you are the owner of a pawn shop. Items and customers are procedurally generated and the goal of the game is to get rich and expand your business by obtaining more shops.

The update introduces changes to employees with an increase to the available workstations in the shops, but also a new ability of the expert that allows him to see hidden features in certain objects and increase their value. Graphics and sound will also receive an overhaul, including implementation of Google Play Leaderboards.



Dealer’s Life is a game inspired to pawn shops, with procedurally-generated items and customers; trading objects is our priority in order to earn money and get larger shops. We’ll have the aid of several kind of employees we can hire, but, our ability to negotiate prices will be crucial in the creation of our pawn shop empire, thanks to the excellent negotiation system based both on the customer’s skill and on our own abilities. We’ll also have to watch out for forged items, but we can also learn to use them in our favour. Wise choiches during dialogues with recurring characters will also be important, as they can lead to different endings.”


Dealer’s Life comes in two flavors, Lite and Premium. The Lite version is a bit harder and has ads, while the Premium version can be played offline, there are no ads and gives you double cash for every item. To download the game follow the links below.


Source: Press Release

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