Streetfood Tycoon: World Tour game review

Making millions from street food

There was always something special about games that have Tycoon in their name. It’s like they are destined to be addictive. Fortunately, Streetfood Tycoon: World Tour for Android is no exception. It’s the second game of the series and this time you are given the chance to become the greatest among street food sellers in the world!

You heard the boss - it's free
You heard the boss – it’s free

Streetfood Tycoon World Tour is semi sequel of the first game. This time immediately after starting a new game, you are being offered where would you like to start your business. Europe is the easiest of the four locations, South East Asia and USA are medium and Asia is set on hard difficulty. Each of these locations have food and celebrities specific to that region, for instance, in USA you serve burgers and steaks, in Europe fries and chips, in Asia rice and noodles and so on. Celebrity appearance is a nice touch, I mean come on how often do you see Obama ordering a burger, or Britney Spears asking for french fries.

Once you choose your starting place you immediately hit the streets. In the beginning it’s simple. Customers come one at a time, you have only couple of ingredients to chose from, there is no pressure. Sure the income is quite low, but you have your sanity at least. It goes like this for a while, then, then the upgrades roll in.


Upgrade your cart and start getting all the small upgrades, things get complicated. Customers are piling up, you have to take care of their orders, clean the cart, restock empty ingredients and before you realize it, you will be using both of your thumbs while trying to keep track of what is going on. You will learn the true meaning of multitasking.

There are many upgrades, some useful, some not so useful, but interesting nevertheless. For example each location has its own lucky charm thingy you can buy, that is supposed to improve your karma thus driving more customers to your cart. One really important upgrade is the assistant. He instantly restocks any ingredients when they run out, but you have to remember to hire him before starting the day. Apart from buying upgrades, you will have to take care of some expenses now and then, like paying the bills, taking care of taxes, cart maintenance and so on. Try not to forget any of these because they tend to pile up with interest.

Even with all the good stuff it has to offer, Streetfood Tycoon World tour is certainly not flawless. For example one of the upgrades, the soda dispenser, is terribly unbalanced. I noticed huge drop in daily income when I first acquired the item. This is mainly because it’s time based and you have zero control over the process. It takes too much time filling the cup and while doing so you can’t do anything else. The situation is remedied a bit by acquiring the second dispenser upgrade which reduces the time needed to serve the drink, but not by much. Avoid this upgrade until you can make more than 1000 coins per day. Another thing worth mentioning is that when two or more ingredients run out, you will have to refill them one at a time. You can’t start refilling the second ingredient until the first one is done. This can be frustrating at times unless you remembered to hire the assistant.

Should you try it? If you don’t mind getting addicted for couple of days / weeks, go for it. The game is ad supported, but in a very subtle and non intrusive way. The developers knew that once you get hooked, you will want to play this game everywhere, even in places you are generally not supposed to, so they made the Android back button act as panic (or boss) button. When pressed It quits the game instantly no matter where you are or what you do.

Fun, addictive Some parts are unbalanced
Easy on the battery

Streetfood Tycoon: World Tour
Streetfood Tycoon: World Tour

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