New release: Busy Beaver

From the team that ported Frozen Bubble on Android, comes Busy Beaver, a mixture of arcade and puzzle type of game. In short, it involves falling tetris blocks and one hyper-active beaver whose sole purpose here is to eat them and rack up points by doing so.

Busy as a Beaver

You can move left, right and up, while moving down is automated on regular intervals, just to keep you planning ahead. There is no time limit so you can plan your next move carefully. Devouring number of blocks quickly will grant you some bonus points, sort of a combo move. The game also supports Google+ Highscores letting you compete with your friend or go against the world.

Initial impressions are good, the game is addictive, but further work should be done regarding the controls. Busy Beaver looks like a solid time waster and faithful companion to have when boredom strikes. It takes only 6.5 mb of app space and it’s free. You can try it right away by following the link below.

Busy Beaver
Busy Beaver
Developer: Pawel Fedorynski
Price: Free

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