Stars of Ravahla Launched on Android

Seed Studio (Doctor Who: Legacy) has announced the release of their latest title, Stars of Ravahla. The game contains both action and RPG elements, where you are the summoner fighting against evils dominating the world of Ravahla. The game is available on Android and iOS respectively, with support in 3 languages: English, Japanese and Traditional Chinese.


Stars of Ravahla


You will be controlling a powerful summoner in a game that is best described as a mixture of shooting and rhythm, with plenty of RPG elements. The main attraction is “the wheel” or the ‘Stardust Compass’ that is used to move around your heroes, attack or defend. This is done by rotating the wheel and preparing for the two phases. While attacking you will want to move your heroes in the blue areas that randomly appear on the compass, or move them away from the red areas which indicates where the enemy will attack.



There are plenty of heroes to choose from. They are based on constellations and have unique skills, both passive and active. So forming a party of heroes to match your play-style and crushing the bosses is up to you. Apparently there is plenty of lore involved and you can learn the myth of constellation behind each hero if you want to.



The developers have mentioned that unlike many other games, you don’t get the heroes by opening loot boxes, but through questing instead. However, that doesn’t mean there are no in-app purchases. If you chose, you can boost your progress instantly by spending some cash, but the game should be perfectly playable even as a free to play title. As a last comment, the game does require online connection and cannot be played offline.  Check out the trailer and click the link below to try the game.

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Stars of Ravahla - Heroes RPG
Stars of Ravahla - Heroes RPG
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