Identity V Pre-registration Now Open

NetEase Games are announcing that pre-registrations for their upcoming triple A horror survival mobile game, Identity V are now open. There is a twist tho, you will have to play a short mini-game in order to enlist. The game will be available on both Android and iOS with gameplay mash-up inspired by Dead by Daylight, Evolve, and Citizen Kabuto.

Identity V

Identity V


The developers are classifying Identity V as an asymmetrical  4 vs 1 multiplayer game. That (roughly) means high-quality horror multiplayer game that pits four survivors against a terrifying hunter in classic asymmetrical multiplayer action. NetEase games are teaming up with Behavior Digital, the creators of the “lovely” AAA title Dead by Daylight.


The game will be ready this year, in the mean-time pre-registrations are open (link at the bottom) where you will have to play a mini game, decipher pieces of information left on Orpheus’s desk, such as the strange letter he received asking him to help find a lost little girl. Once completed, players will be able to pre-register for either iOS or Android with their email.



Key Features


  • First ever Triple-A asymmetrical multiplayer mobile game.
  • Experience tense horror-themed action and heart-pounding multiplayer match ups.
  • Intuitive controls that put player and gameplay first.
  • Be the hunter or be the hunted in a 4 vs 1 mash-up inspired by Dead by Daylight, Evolve, and Citizen Kabuto.
  • As the survivors, find and decode the cipher towers to escape the clutches of the terrifying hunter.
  • As the Hunter, use your arsenal of special abilities to trap and destroy the survivors, ensure they will never escape their horrific end!
  • Multiple cosmetics and character unlocks in a free to play model that rewards players for playing.




About Identity V (from the developers)


Identity V is a 4 vs 1 asymmetrical multiplayer game for mobile that pits a hunter against a four-man team of survivors. The hunter’s goal is to capture the survivors ensuring they never escape from the lair of terror. Hunters each have their own unique set of abilities and playstyles that can be used in an array of different tactical situations allowing for each match to have emergent gameplay elements.

Playing as one of the survivors, on the other hand, pits four players against the hunter in a desperate bid to find and secure the cipher towers located at different locations on each map. Once all the cipher towers have been decoded, the exit gate on each level will unlock, allowing the survivors to make a bid to escape.
Identity V’s multiplayer comes equipped with phase gameplay allowing the tense action to gain traction as the match progresses. Each phase will allow the hunter to unlock or improve new and existing abilities making them much deadlier. This allows for increasing difficulty as the match progresses – raising the stakes for all players and most importantly, the fun factor of each match.



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