Star Survivor: Premium will launch next week

Described as “A Sci-fi Roguelike & Action Bullet Heaven”, Star Survivor: Premium is scheduled to hit the Android and Apple stores in about a week from today. The indie developers from “Erabit” (more specifically Ken) are working on a Steam version as well, but the launch date announced refers to the mobile version exclusively.

This game presents an extensive gaming experience, providing more than 50 hours of gameplay at a reasonable price of $2.99 on mobile platforms, a cost that covers all future updates. The current iteration includes two distinct game modes, a selection of four spaceships, five intricately designed maps, over 30 pieces of equipment, and an expansive collection of 300+ cards for players to delve into.

Star Survivor: Premium Trailer

The development of this game was undertaken exclusively by Ken, showcasing his dedication and creative vision. The porting process, ensuring a smooth transition to various platforms, was skillfully handled by the Erabit team.

Game Features

  • Unique flight controls, managing your ships drift and boost to precisely weave through enemies.
  • Destroy endless swarms of alien bugs with overpowered equipment.
  • Choose from hundreds of unique equipment and upgrades and create game-breaking builds.


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