Stackamunga – build a tower out of tetris blocks

Remember that one game where you had to build towers out of square shaped objects falling from above? Well… it just got a bit more complicated. This is Stackunga, a tower stacker game where instead of square shaped boxes, you have to stack Tetris blocks.


Stackamunga was originally released for the iOS platform back in May 2013 by iRocket Apps, a two brother indie game studio. It started out as test project, but quickly became a fully featured game that turned out to be great. After almost a year, the developers decided to introduce their game to the Android community by releasing it on the Play Store for free.

The gameplay is quite simple. Your goal is to build a tower using the Tetris blocks falling from above and reach new heights. Keeping your tower structure nice and tidy is something that you will have to master if you ever hope to see the stars. Stackmunga is a physics based game, blocks will always be affected by gravity and having too many mistakes in your structure will cause your tower to lean over and collapse.

As the developers said, Stackmunga is a test of skills, eye hand coordination and strategy, but what really matters is that this game can be quite addictive as well. Stackmunga is free to play ad-supported game where ads appear at the top of the playfield and cannot be removed at the moment, but they won’t cause you any trouble while playing and can easily be ignored. Other than this, there are no nasty surprises waiting inside and no gameplay limiting in-app purchases.

[tab:Download Stackamunga]
Developer: iRocket Apps
Price: Free
[tab:Game Features]

• Intuitive and easy to use one-touch controls.
• Hours of gameplay in a never-ending infinite arcade world.
• High quality production and visuals to enhance overall gamepla


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