Hyperion Online launched as Open Beta

The German indie developer “The Games Foundation” invites you to participate in testing of Hyperion Online, their latest MMO set in outer space. The game was designed from the ground up specifically for tablets and smartphones and the Android version is the first one released in public, while  iOS, Windows Phone and other platforms will have to wait a bit longer.


You will assume the role of a renegade starship captain, eager to start his career and explore the depths of the outer space. Your job description is pretty clear, explore the universe, discover new star systems and planets, and mine the asteroid fields to get valuable minerals. Trading is a big part of the game and encourages player interaction while visiting starbases, where you can also spend your mineral ore to upgrade your ship, buy new weapons, armor, patch it up a bit or or even have an entirely new starship manufactured for you.

You can also complete various missions or go head-to-head against other starship captains and kill everything that stands in your way. If trading is not your thing, you can also go down the bounty hunter road and hunt players to earn points and top the leaderboard. To keep your starship from falling apart, additional crew members must be recruited and trained. Make them earn their pay by defending your vessel against the space pirates that try to steal your precious cargo.

Hyperion Online has a fully persistent game world and promises PvP battles on a large scale. Players will be able to form clans and conquer entire star systems to gain control over the ore deposits and charge mining fees from visiting captains, but only if they can defend the region against other clans and stay in control. Those features are still under development, but they will be included in some of the upcoming updates. To download and play Hyperion Online, follow the link below.

[tab:Download Hyperion Online] [tab:Game Features]

– Free-to-play SciFi MMOG for mobile devices
– Play simultaneously with thousands of players
– Vast selection of different starships and starship upgrades
– Beautiful 3D graphics
– Over 16 different galactic sectors to explore
– Exciting real-time combat, PVE and PVP
– Bounty point system and leaderboards
– Player-driven trade system
– Fully persistent game world


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