Spandex Force: Champion Rising

Here is a brand new puzzle game that emerged on the Android Play Store over the weekend. Spandex Force: Champion Rising is a hexagonal match-3 RPG game by KarjaSoft, featuring superheroes, villains and old ladies in distress.


Guided by the wise old “Blizzard Wizard”, you begin your training to become the savior of Vigilance Valley in only 1 month. As your superpowers are virtually non-existent in the beginning, you will have to train hard to upgrade your stats, gain elemental protection, physical and mental powers, or rise your reputation by helping old ladies in distress.

There are plenty of opponents eager to test your skills including robots, corrupt government officials, heroes in need of anger management training, members of the Countess Conundrum, Professor Aphasia and many more. The seven different minigames available and the 4 possible endings will provide plenty of content and decent level of replayability if you decide to complete the game 100%.

Spandex Force Champion Rising offers 1 full episode free of charge. That should be enough for you to decide if you want to unlock the full version available from within the game in form of an IAP for $2.99.

[tab: Download Spandex Force: Champion Rising]
Champion Rising
Champion Rising
Developer: KarjaSoft
Price: Free+
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Key features:
– Five episodes of heroic action
– Ten different minigames to play
– 27 superpowers to learn
– More than 30 wacky characters to fight
– Equip your hero with capes and other accessories


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