Be the cookie master in – Call of Cookie

Ankama Games announced the release of their new strategy game involving cookies and modern warfare. Set in the same universe as the successful comic book series Freaks’ Squeele,  Call of Cookie offers you the opportunity to literally bake your own army and crush your sugary opponents.


The Gingerbread Men’s War is raging (comic book vol.2) and no one will be safe unless you counter the attacks. You are a student of the F.A.S.H (Faculty of Academic Studies of Heroes), a superhero school where you get to learn how to bake your very own army of cookie-soldiers by using various ingredients and baking techniques. Once ready, you can start sending your baked heroes (called “Freakies”) on the battlefield to defeat your opponents in one of the 4 game modes available.

There are 15 different unit types at your disposal, each featuring unique characteristics, advantages or disadvantages against other “Freakies”. For example, flying units will always avoid melee attacks, but are extremely weak against archers and other ranged units. Battles are turn based and can be quite rewarding in terms of gold coins and random loot needed for new recipes and baking ingredients. Once you finish playing the lengthy campaign mode, you can start challenging your real life friends in the “hot-seat” mode, confront your online friends (async) from the multiplayer menu, or fight against random strangers from around the world.

Call of Cookie is free to play IAP supported title where previously mentioned gold coins are the only currency available. They can be freely gathered while playing, or purchased from the in-app store where you can also find the power-up ($0.69) that doubles the amount of coins found. There are no ads or gameplay restrictive timers and Call of Cookie will only “eat” about 25mb of storage space.

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* More than fifteen types of Freakies (cookie-soldiers) with unique design and characteristics, perfect for building an army.
* Over 30 ingredients to mix to discover recipes that can be used to bake troops
* A game that offers  funny tactical turn-based battles
* 4 different game modes:
– A cooking mode to bake an army
– A solo campaign composed of more than 40 missions spread over 5 chapters
– An  asynchronous multiplayer mode to challenge friends
– A  “hot seat” mode to confront enemies directly face to face on the same device
* The  Freak’s Squeele universe for the first time in a video game
* Free updates after the release


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