Sol705 retro point and click graphic adventure in development

Sol705 is a 2D point n click graphic adventure, built upon the spirit of the 90’s classics. The game developers are currently running a kickstarter campaign and the second stretch goal is indeed a mobile version of the game.




Sol705 is set in a small town from Argentina in the 1970’s. UFO sightings, progressive rock and a bunch of wacky rascals ready for all kind of challenges and puzzles are just some of the things this story has to offer. This group of eccentric friends are looking to sneak out from duties and chores, so they can devote their time on their own secret extraterrestrial research club.



The project is currently doing OK as the team collected around 4k (pledged of US$ 9,993 goal) during the first week. The game will primarily be available for PC (Windows), Mac and Linux on Steam as DRM-free title. The stretch goals are also promising mobile versions for Android and iOS. Demo version can already be downloaded on Steam (link at the bottom) and does indeed look very promising.


Here are some of the features of Sol705


● More than 45 original characters!
● Up to 3 playable characters (human and no humans!)
● Dozens of beautiful hand made backgrounds scenarios!
● Full-voiced dialogues in english by a cast of professional voice actors!
● Amazing pop rock soundtrack performed by real life bands!
● Unique retro sci-fi ambience!
● Not so hard puzzles and retro cool stuff to collect and use!
● Out of this time cameos and conversations!
● DRM – Free download or Steam (pixel hunting free) Key!
● Dialogues and cutscenes translated into not only english but also spanish, german, russian, french, portuguese and (Probably? ) esperanto!



To download the demo visit this link:


To visit the Kickstarter and pledge visit this one:



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