Guns of Boom

Game Insight, the creators of the online FPS multiplayer shooter – Guns Of Boom, announces that the game will debut it’s esport season on 9th of June. In collaboration with ESL, the world’s largest esports company, there will be prizes with a grand total of 200.000 US dollars. The game isn’t really new, but this gives us the opportunity to take a quick look and see what it has to offer.


Guns of Boom The Online Shooter


To describe Guns of Boom is very simple. It’s an online PvP shooter with touch optimized controls and pretty mobile graphics that won’t distract you too much from your primary goal, which is – to kill the other team. The main focus (besides the killing) is on character customization. Each battle you fight, brings you some of the in-game currency and experience. From time to time you can complete “quests” and start unlocking different weapons, costumes, masks and insignias.


Guns of Boom
Me and my “bros” going in


There is a catch. To actually use the weapon you just unlocked, you will need the previously mentioned in-game currency that can be acquired by playing, or bought from the in-app store for money. The same currency is also used to upgrade certain weapons to a higher level to improve their accuracy and damage. Being a free to play game, this is not too terrible. You can play as much as you want and slowly grind your way to glory. If you like for the things to move a little faster, you can always spend some cash.



Being a popular asset of many games, crates are also available in Guns of Boom. You can get one basic crate for free every couple of hours, or you can get them by completing the daily quests. Now, when you reach a certain level, or you decide that your skills “are as l33t as they come”, you can join a clan and even play competitively. However, this is entirely optional as the game works and plays just fine even if you are a casual fan of the genre.


Couple of things that you will have to know are:

1. Not only weapons are part of your “power & accuracy”, other pieces of equipment also grant you certain buffs (such as head wear). This is important if you decide to compete against other teams.

2. Guns of Boom will pretty much run on any Android device released in the past couple of years, but (again) if you decide to compete, make sure that you check the 60 fps option in the settings. This makes the game much smoother and carefully aiming those precise head-shots will be a lot easier. This is, if your device can handle the framerate and you don’t have to worry about battery life.


Guns of Boom - Online Shooter
Revenge will be mine “ScreechingNinja72499”


Regardless if you you plan on competing, or playing “just for fun” Guns of Boom can be fun either way. The game is free and will take only 250 mb of your storage space. It will also work on Android 4.1 and up and fully supports Google Play integration. Follow the link to the Play Store below, or watch the trailer.



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Guns of Boom Online PvP Action
Guns of Boom Online PvP Action
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