Slime Pizza

Don’t worry, this game is not about making a pizza out of slime, in fact, it’s quite the opposite. You are the slime in question and you have to make everything right by collecting a normal pizza on a spaceship.


Behind this slightly disturbing name, hides a decent adventure / platformer game, for all ages. The slimy green blob on the pics is you, the delivery boy, who somehow managed to crash his spaceship…. somewhere and all the pizza slices flew across every single room.

Your job is to gather them all by sling-shooting yourself on the walls, avoid mean thingies like wasps and traps, collect keys and finally finish your delivery. Slime Pizza uses checkpoints as a save system, so you won’t have to start over every time you die.


The game is free for download from the link below. There are some non-intrusive ads (with option to remove them), but that’s about it.


Slime Pizza
Slime Pizza
Developer: Nitrome
Price: Free

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