Nindash: Skull Valley

After being available exclusively on iOS devices for the past 2 weeks, Nindash: Skull Valley finally arrives on the Android Play Store as well. The game enjoyed more than 700.000 downloads (since January 9) so far – and the publishers (and developers) from the Ankama group are hoping to accomplish the same on the Android platform.


Your persona is a well trained ninja who’s job is to protect his village from the hordes of angry skeletons. To do this, you will have to tap, slide and dash across 90 levels and couple of crazy looking bosses, by throwing your shurikens and swinging your sabre as you sling-shot across the levels.



The game is free* and judging by the number of downloads so far, seems to be quite good. Give it a try by clicking the link below.

*Contains ads · Offers in-app purchases
Nindash: Skull Valley
Nindash: Skull Valley
Price: Free

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