Skyturns multiplayer update is released

Skyturns, a game that has been around since 2014 just received a multiplayer update that has been in development for 10 years. However, this isn’t the single big update Skyturns received over the years. In 2020 the level editor was added and with the latest update, you can publish your creations online. The indie developer claims that after nearly a decade, the game is finally done.

This is a skill based running game with a touch of parkour. The core gameplay and physics of the game are the same – “they have been perfect from the beginning” says Joakim, founder of Skyturns. But not until now the game has all the features it was always meant to have.

Of course, the biggest change in this update is the real-time multiplayer experience – seeing and interacting with other players in the level (did you notice that you can zap other players?), but also the ability for players to start a battle on any level in the game and get on the high score boards.

“I have done my part now – the rest is up to the players. How far can we take this? How crazy and beautiful levels can be created in this game? How much can we push the best times on the levels? That’s what I look forward to seeing!” Says Joakim, the founder of Skyturns.
The biggest part of building the game is now finished, but there will be updates in the future. It all depends on how the game progresses with the player content.

Skyturns: 3D Platform Runner
Skyturns: 3D Platform Runner
Developer: Skyturns
Price: Free

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