Fate of an Empire – Age of War

Fate of an Empire – Age of war is a profound and convincing turn based 4x strategy game for Android that received its 1.0 release version recently. The game started as a spin-off from Rising Empires 2, but unforeseen challenges and the transition from square to hexagonal tiles forced the developer to create a brand new engine and therefore a new game.

The game offers detailed kingdom management with advanced combat techniques. However amassing armies is not the only thing you should focus on, the technology tree as well as city management are also a significant part of the gameplay. To achieve victory and build your dream empire, you must choose one of the 6 available races and start exploring both the underground (Netherworld) and the surface.

Interesting thing about Fate of an Empire – Age of War is the design approach that should be suitable for just about anybody. From hard-core strategy fanatics to casual players. It will run in both portrait and landscape mode and comes in two flavors paid or ad supported.

During the first week the premium version is offered for $2.99 (standard price $3.99). If you don’t mind the ads, then you can try out the ad supported version which (according to the developer) has full functionality.

Fate of an Empire - Age of War
Fate of an Empire - Age of War

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