My Singing Monsters Composer arrives on Android and iOS

The mobile game company Big Blue Bubble has announced their latest release – My Singing Monsters Composer, a game where you can compose original songs and watch them performed by an orchestra of singing monsters. The game is available on the two most popular mobile platforms, Android and iOS. An official detailed guide was also released as a separate app that can be installed for free.


My Singing Monsters Composer


The game was officially launched worldwide today and can already be found on the Play Store. My Singing Monsters Composer transports the player on a never before seen island where they can write musical parts for each character of their choice. Instead of musical instruments there is a wide variety of monsters that can produce unique sounds. By combining the 3 main types, instrumental, percussion and vocal sounds players can create astounding music masterpieces.



Damir Slogar, founder and CEO of Big Blue Bubble, expressed excitement at this new installment to the beloved My Singing Monsters franchise. “Composer Island has always been a favorite among fans of My Singing Monsters. We’re happy to say that now, even players new to the franchise can enjoy composing music with the Monsters,” said Slogar. “The game improves upon the existing features of the original Composer Island by introducing a keyboard, more music tracks, offline play, and many more Monsters planned for future release.



My Singing Monsters Composer is available worldwide on the Google Play and App Store for $4.99 USD and comes with an extensive in-depth guide that can be installed as separate app (link below). My Singing Monsters Composer is not only a game, but a powerful tool for learning musical notations and songwriting. Once downloaded, both apps will run in offline mode without a problem.


Source: Press Release

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