Seven Knights 2

Seven Knights 2 is a RPG game developed by the Korean studio Netmarble. It achieved a notable success in SEA before it launched worldwide. Since then, the game received several updates with new playable heroes, PVE content and events.

What is Seven Knights 2?

It’s a sequel (duh) to Seven Knights. The story of the sequel takes place around 20 years later and centers on the Daybreak Mercenaries. They start their journey to find the last member of the Seven Knights “Rudy,” after a series of events involving a mysterious girl named Phiné. 

You control a group of Heroes while playing the story mode, or you can join other players in co-op boss and event battles. The “auto-battle” mode is a trademark of almost all RPG games on Android and Seven Knights 2 is no exception. Whether you like it or not, it’s here to stay. Luckily it can easily be turned off with a single tap.

Gameplay and graphics

Seven Knights 2 uses Unreal Engine 4 and as result you get fancy graphics with awesome animations, typical for Korean titles. However, that exquisite display of colors comes with a hefty tax. You will probably need at least mid-range hardware from the last 2 years to even run it, let alone achieve smooth 60 fps. Oh, you also need around 6GB of storage space to install it.

Seven Knights 2 Gameplay

What’s New?

Netmarble announced a big update for Seven Knights 2 that includes new playable heroes, PVE content and events.

New hero Kyle (Legendary+), also known as the Chains of Vengeance, is an Attack-type character with powerful skills using his signature weapon: chains. Kyle can inflict great damage to opponents by giving the Branding effect, when defeating an enemy Kyle received stealth reducing damage received. Also added is Architect of Despair Bai Jiao (Legendary), a Universal type character who possesses the skill to control enemies’ actions.

Also there is a new PvE content, Maze of Trials in which Heroes themselves appear as enemies to test the Commander(player). Players can also purchase valuable items like Moon Stone by collecting Maze Shards and Maze Fragments.

You can download the game (including the update) from the link below.

Seven Knights 2
Seven Knights 2
Developer: Netmarble
Price: Free


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