Battle of Kingdoms a new NFT game?

Battle of Kingdoms is an upcoming mobile game from a brand new developer, 5×5 Gaming. The game will be released in Winter 2022, on both Android and iOS devices. Here are the details.

The press release that went live today states that this is a variation of the TCG genre. Players will apparently collect warriors from different time periods and cultures, own them as NFT’s and trade them (somewhere?). That sentence and few screenshots is all that I got from the reveal, unfortunately. The rest is about NFT’s and crypto thingamajigs that I personally don’t really understand that much.

We are big lovers of RTS and CCG games, world history, and different cultures across the world. We’re building the Battle of Kingdoms to share our passion for those cultures along with the history behind them.” explains Deniz Gezgin, founder and CEO of 5×5 Gaming. “Our goal is to create games for people to make social connections, compete and have lots of fun.”

Unlike most games featuring NFTs, Battle of Kingdoms will have no barrier to entry. Such as an upfront need to connect your crypto wallet or purchase crypto currency to be able to play. Players will start earning free NFT cards from the start and anyone will be able to download and play Battle of Kingdoms for free on their devices, just like any free game you can currently find on the App Stores.

Battle of Kingdoms will be released in a few months, probably December 2022.

Dejan B.

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