Scrap Squad – let the recycling begin

Scrap Squad, the junk sorting action game we announced 2 weeks ago was just released. Players can start earning money by recycling and fund their evil plan to take over the world right away.


You begin your career as an evil mastermind who holds a grunge against the world for some reason and decided to take his revenge at all cost. Your plan to take over the world is by all means genius, but will require some serious funding before it can be deployed. To do this, you decide to enter the trash recycling business and sort other people’s junk for profit.

The junk track is where all the action happens. Half eaten apples, old newspapers, cans, fish bones and other delightful objects will start approaching from above as soon as you start your first game. Your job is to sort them out by dragging your finger across multiple objects of the same type and release them in the appropriate recycling robot. Collecting more items of from the same category will yield greater bonuses and can be quite rewarding as long as you don’t mix different types or break your combos. Once full, the recycling robots will turn around and sell their junk for cash, process that leaves you vulnerable for a short period of time since junk of that type cannot be recycled while the robot is gone. Getting it all right can be a bit tricky, especially when the treadmill track starts speeding up and you start losing lives while trying to regain your focus.

There is only one currency available in Scrap Squad, the gold coins that are being awarded to you after each game finished. There are plenty of upgrades and plugins that can be purchased, including new machines, time slowing perks, robot upgrades or even extra lives if 3 per game is just not enough for you. All of them can be acquired by playing, but if you want to speed it up a notch, you can purchase additional coins from the in-app store or get the permanent coin doubler upgrade and receive twice as much coins per game completed.

Scrap Squad can be downloaded from the Play Store for free. There are no ads or gameplay timers to restrict your coin income and all the IAP’s are entirely optional. The game requires about 50 mb of storage space, device running Android 2.3 or later and does support Google Game Services. Start working on your evil plan today by clicking the link leading to the Play Store below.

Martin Janov

[tab:Download Scrap Squad]

Scrap Squad
Scrap Squad
Developer: Tailspin Studios
Price: Free+

[tab:Game Features]

•    Avoid muck, oil, and ice as you rapidly sift through bundles of scrap to collect coins!
•    Upgrade your Rebots to help on your quest for wold domination!
•    Build fun and exciting gadgets that help you avoid the fiery pit of doom!
•    Collect safes and bash them open with Hammers to find sweet wonderful rewards!
•    Wield your power glove in the name of science!
•    Collect rare items to complete your scrap-heap stockpile!
•    Out-genius your friends and family to reign supreme!


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