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Picnic Defense – Smash Bugs

Use more than 10 types of weapon to protect your picnic. Smash ants, bees and many other types of bugs in this addicting smasher ants defense style game. Collect coins, rubies and diamonds to buy weapons and gadgets that will power your journey to save the picnic. Complete the game to make the survivor mode available. Only the best can finish it!

There are 30 challenging levels and many different environments: fields, deserts, snow mountains and forests. Each one with several types of astonishing bugs. Smash them all with your weapons.

* More than 10 types of enemies: Ants, bees, snails, chameleons. Protect your food from these vile bugs.
* 4 challenging bosses wait for you: You won’t believe in those enemies, they want your food, and they are powerful. Crush and smash them to win fabulous prizes.
* 11 types of weapon, each one with three different levels: Use swords, hammers, fire extinguishers, and even bombs! Each weapon is operated differently and has its own strategy.
* Six types of gadgets: Glue bugs on the floor, use a fan to blow them away, or call an airplane to bombard your enemies in battle. Moreover, buy a robot-friend to help you collect your prizes.
* Tons of achievements: Can you win all prizes? Tell all your friends about your achievements.

So, what are you waiting for? Download Picnic Defense right now and start to smash these bugs that are stealing your food. The picnic depends on you!

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Defend the Picnic Squash Bugs
Defend the Picnic Squash Bugs

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