Scalak : Relaxing Puzzle Game

If you are looking for a relaxing meditation game and want to unwind with a minimalist anti-stress and relaxing scenes, Scalak is the right choice for you! It brings you the best logic puzzles you have played in a long time where you have to combine smart shapes for adults. Just relax and fill them out, no pressure at all.

Scalak contains 90 levels and is packed with the ever-evolving game flow that will let you feel quite good about yourself. Relax, calm and have fun – Get yourself in zen mode!

Your goal is to match smart shapes into given objects. Fit them all to move to the next level. The game contains 90 levels of shape puzzles that will make you chill and have a brain challenge at the same time. To match all pieces into one, you will have to show your spatial awareness skills.

Scalak usually costs .99 cents, but for a limited time you can get it free. Follow the link below and try it out.

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