Rymdkapsel released for Android

Rymdkapsel is a real time strategy game with Tetris elements, focusing only on building the base and it’s defenses. The game was released for Playstation mobile and iOS in May 2013, and now finally arrives on Android too.

Gameplay is quite simple. You will have to hit the sweet-spot between base expansion and defense building by placing tetris-like blocks of different colors on the plane located in outer space. You will also have to manage the manpower and route them between gathering resources and base defense. The ultimate goal is to defend the base from alien attacks and explore the galaxy.

Rymdkapsel can be best classified as minimalist base-building game. The graphics are simple, but it doesn’t matter since Rymdkapsel received mostly positive reviews, especially about the addictive gameplay it has to offer. You can buy the game by following the Google Play link below.

Developer: grapefrukt games
Price: $3.99

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