Rusted Emeth released on Android

Kemco fans will be pleased to know that another RPG title was just released on the Play Store today. Rusted Emeth follows the tradition of Kemco’s previous games in terms of quality, content and interesting storyline that should keep you busy until their next game hits the shelves in about a month.


Rusted Emeth is set in a world where Golems not only co-exists with humans, but they also help them accomplish various tasks. Those Golems run on “Edea”, the mystical source of life that can be found all around the land. Everything was fine until one day, when the Edea itself started disappearing on multiple locations. In one of these incidents, Jink, the main character, lost his family and his homeland was destroyed. As a bounty hunter, he goes off in search of the truth about the Edea Banishes…

Golems are the central part of this game, and your primary source of firepower. Those war machines can be customized, remodeled and upgraded as you progress through the game. You will have to investigate a bit and find the composition that works best for you and your allies. You can hop between Golems (even while fighting) if you find yourself overpowered or want to use a different special attack.

Starting today, Rusted Emeth can be downloaded from the Play Store for a special launch price of $3.99. There are some IAPs inside, but as the developers claim, they are entirely optional and the game can be finished without spending additional money. Unfortunately, Rusted Emeth is not Xperia Play optimized and lacks support for any kind of external controllers. Furthermore, the developers from Kemco stated that their games are tested to work only on Android devices released in Japan only, so they can’t guarantee that the game will actually work on phones and tablets released worldwide, but it probably will.

RPG Rusted Emeth
RPG Rusted Emeth
Developer: KEMCO
Price: $7.99
[tab:Game Features]

Spectacular battles!
With beautifully rendered battles, you’ll feel like you’re really there!

Defeat formidable ‘Bounty Targets’
In the game, you will encounter ‘Bounty Targets’, which are even stronger than normal enemies.
Use your Golem to destroy the Bounty Targets and gain rewards. You’ll need to make sure your Golem is as well-equipped as it can be, though!

Great allies, each with their own personalities!
The game features a wide range of allies- a mechanic, a researcher, Dolls, and even a cat- and all of them have their own distinct personalities and habits.
Work with them to find the truth behind the ambitions and desires that swirl through the story.

Customize your Golems!
You can remodel your Golem, load it with Shells, and change its equipment.
Create your very own custom Golems, ready to defeat even the strongest enemies!

*This game features some in-app-purchase content. While in-app-purchase content requires additional fees, by no means it is necessary for finishing the game.
*The actual price might differ depending on the region.



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