Return to Abyss mobile gameplay video

Return to Abyss was released just a week ago on Android, scratching that difficult itch fans of the “mower” type gamers crave for. Coming from “Wingjoy Games”, this is an action “mowing” game with rogue-lite elements, lots of demons, weapons and god-like powers. You are a spirit, resurrected from the dead and everyone will be sorry to step in your way to freedom.

About the game

A wave of monsters is heading your way, and all you have to defend yourself are the weapons in your hands and your unwavering determination to fight. Rediscover your past fighting skills as you navigate through countless armies. Defeat monsters, collect the chaotic energy they emit, and present it to the God of Discord for blessings. Gather accessories to enhance your weapons and upgrade the magical weapons of legendary heroes.

Return to Abyss Android gameplay

Game Features

  • Thousands of people share the same screen, and the fierce battle continues
    You will face the surprise attack of nearly a thousand demons at the same time, and you may be overwhelmed by the sea of monsters if you are not careful! But for you, defeating them only requires bombing the command room.
  • Fantastic weapons, evolved firepower
    From tentacles to cats, they are all weapons? Collect all kinds of magical accessories, which will make weapons reborn! Each weapon has up to six evolutionary routes of super weapons, no matter your fighting style is tough and reckless, or agile and sharp, there is always one that suits you!
  • Strange Abyss, source of chaos
    From the magma gushing hell to the barren wasteland city, three heroic spirits with different styles will shuttle here, fighting, collecting, and exploring constantly. But in the spare time, don’t forget to go back to the tavern standing in the chaotic time and space. For the long-gone heroic spirit, this may be the eternal home.


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