Retroid, brand new Arkanoid remake

If Breakout is Arkanoid and it’s running on droid in retro style, then it must be Retroid! A brand new Arkanoid remake with polished graphics, cheerful effects, groovy music and 15 levels for free.

Brick in the wall

There really is no need to explain how Arkanoid mechanics work, they haven’t changed in the past 27 years or so. Let’s just say you control the pad at the bottom while trying to bounce off the ball that needs to break the bricks in the upper part of the screen (seems like I did explain the game mechanics anyway). What’s new in this remake is that you get all sorts of power-ups, magnets and deflectors, accompanied with custom music and animated backgrounds, giving each level unique look and gameplay.

The first episode containing 15 levels is free, every other episode costs 99 cents and getting them all will set you back for $2.97. The developer promises more episodes and levels to come in near future.

Quick look at the game confirms everything said above, albeit controls could use some improvement. Controlling the pad feels a bit awkward, as it tends to lag behind your finger slightly. The pad position is relative to your finger as well, so if you decide to release and retouch the screen in-game, keep this in mind.

Developer: Taurris
Price: Free

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