Infinite Flight is finally here

For all the fans of flight simulators games out there, Flying Development Studio LLC has released their Infinite Flight simulator on the Android platform. Initial impressions are piling up and they look more than promising.

Out of the blue

Infinite Flight is not exactly a new game. It debuted on Windows Phone 7 back in 2011 with moderate success, so we are just two years late, but on the other hand we get fully matured and tweaked version as the initial release.

For 4.99 you will get to fly 16 planes over five regions and all the major airports, while fine tuning the weight and balance of the plane. Additional planes are available as an optional in app purchase as well. Even if you are only a novice in flight sims, fear not as Infinite Flight also offers introductory flight lessons.

What you get for the asking price:

  • 27 aircraft (16 included + 11 IAP)
  • 8 regions each covering thousands of square kilometers (5 included + 3 IAP)
  • All major airports with precise runway and taxiway layouts
  • Flight planning
  • Instrument Landing System (ILS)
  • Autopilot (supports Altitude, Heading, Throttle and Vertical Speed)
  • Advanced replay system
  • Time and weather conditions
  • Weight and balance configuration
  • Introductory and takeoff flight lessons
  • Logbook
  • Achievements
  • And much more…

Infinite Flight Simulator
Infinite Flight Simulator

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