reTales – new match three game released on Android

If you feel like you had enough candies, gems and what not, try pairing things in the brand new world of reTales. Battle for survival by matching objects and defeat powerful bosses standing between you and your ultimate goal, to uncover the “Basis’ secrets”.


Your brave character is a red haired boy that has absolutely no idea what’s going on. He keeps babbling about starships and shield powers, when all of a sudden, a young girl appears and starts yelling at you. She keeps mentioning that “You must be …. impossible” and is obviously mad about something. Then, your character replies with “Alpha, come in Alpha!”, a line that apparently makes her even more determined to kick your ass. All right.

You beat your opponents by matching various objects on the board (duh!). Some items will recharge your mana and health bars, while others will provide much needed coins and experience points required to level up your character. Gaining levels however, is not enough. You will have to spend your coins on gear, spells and potions in order to beat all your enemies and recover all the artifacts scattered across the land.

Coins can be gathered while playing, but some items will also require diamonds, the second currency that can only be gathered from the in-app store. reTales can be downloaded from the Play Store for free. Is your astro-boy really the one destined to uncover the Basis’ secrets? There is only one way to find out.

[tab:Download reTales]
Developer: Alex Gievsky
Price: Free+

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