First Strike – Nuclear Holocaust in your pocket

Not so long ago, even before we invented the TV, we found a very efficient way to kill ourselves and everything alive on this planet.  We learned how to split an atom and make a bomb out of it, to protect the humanity from their greatest threat, the “other” humans. Now, almost a 100 years later, Blindflug Studios from Switzerland released “First Strike”, a strategy game that allows you to (literally) hold the world in your hands.

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First Strike is a fast paced strategy game where you get to control one of the 11 nuclear superpowers from around the world, including North Korea. It is you who will be responsible for the fate of your nation and your people’s safety. Expand your territory by conquering other countries, build bombs, defend your land against enemy missiles, attack and try not to blow up the Earth in the process.

There are 4 different technology branches that can be researched (recon, capability, efficiency or weaponry upgrades) to improve your destructive capacity and obliterate your enemies even faster. Focusing your research on one branch, doesn’t always mean that you can get away easily. Experimenting with different upgrades and testing out multiple strategies to find the one that works best for you is what this game is all about. Build automated self-defense arrays, invest points in espionage, acquire the precision strike perk or stockpile large amounts of nukes before your enemies realize what’s going on. It’s up to you.

Earth itself is your playfield and navigating around the globe is easy and fun. The game interface is touch-optimized and fully controllable through gestures and context sensitive menus. The 3D globe is beautiful to watch and provides clear overview of the entire battlefield.

Final Strike was launched today on the Play Store and comes with a price tag of $3.99. There are no ads or IAPs and 25% of the revenue will go toward the worldwide reduction of the nuclear arsenal by supporting ICAN and Greencross, a reason plus to start building your arsenal right away. The only downside is that the game was designed with tablets in mind and won’t work on all smartphones available on the market.

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First Strike: Classic
First Strike: Classic
Price: $12.99
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– Play as one of 11 nuclear superpowers against up to 10 enemies
– Playing on a 3D globe with a beautiful view onto the earth
– Custom made for touch interfaces: fully controllable through gestures and contextsensitive menus
– 4 branched tech tree to research powerful recon, capability, efficiency or weaponry upgrdes
– Makes you think why we still carry such a large nuclear arsenal with us in this day and age
– Multiple strategies with more or less destructive results for the earth


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