Rayman Fiesta Run hits the Play Store

Rayman is back again in “Rayman Fiesta Run”, a platformer set in entirely new world with updated graphics, new levels and bosses. Get ready to jump, slide and collect things on your way to land of the Livid Dead Island!

Rayman Fiesta Run brings in updated graphics that look absolutely gorgeous, especially on larger devices such as high-res tablets. Our limbless hero trained hard and can now slide, swim or shrink on command in addition to all his standard moves such as jumping, flying and punching.


More than 75 levels, spread across 4 new festive worlds filled with brand new enemies and 3 epic bosses stand between you and your final destination, the land of the livid dead island. You get to bounce on sausages, leap on limes and punch pinatas. What more could you possibly want.

As usual, Lums can be collected to unlock rewards or purchase additional power-ups that should help you achieve the perfect level score or unlock some of the achievements. If you enjoyed playing “Rayman Jungle Run”, you will love this sequel that can be yours for $3.60.


Rayman Fiesta Run
Rayman Fiesta Run
Price: $0.99+


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