Birds Break Eggs? – DIG!DIG!

Birds do what now? Break eggs. Why and where? To top the leaderboards in DIG!DIG!, “Creaple’s” newest puzzle game involving birds, eggs and leaderboards! Also matching and digging in case you wondered.

DIG!DIG! is a combination of “Match-3” and endless runner type of game. Look, it’s pretty simple. You have your bird on top of a giant pile of colorful eggs. Being bird and all, you need to go back on ground level by destroying layers of eggs. If you break 3 or more eggs of the same color, good for you – big scores! If not, just keep digging you are bound to break something sooner or later.

You can move your chicken, pardon, bird straight down, left, right or even up in certain spots. If you decide to break an egg on your sides, you will have to move fast as the pile above tends to collapse on your head, killing you in the process. There is also an energy meter that drains faster as you move further down, so look up for worms between the eggs to refuel it. 6 items and 21 different type of birds can be unlocked by spending eggs. You get certain amount of those eggs after every game you play, so they can be gathered for free. Inpatient players can also buy golden coins for cash which can be exchanged for more eggs.

To sum it up, Birds Break Eggs? – DIG!DIG! is a puzzle game where you play as a bird, destroy eggs (the circle of life!) so you can reach the ground. DIG!DIG! is free to download and play, has no ads and the only optional purchase are the gold coins previously mentioned. Dig away!


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