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He’s a gamer, a bootlegger, a photographer and a connoisseur of the Ladies, he’s the Trailer Park King! Don’t plan on hammering your poor touchscreen for a while and you happen to enjoy trashy humor with plenty of babes to chase? Then this game is just for you.


You will get to know this “charming” dude right after you start the game while watching him kill an innocent squirrels just for the sake of it. In the meantime, red truck pulls over and Zamboni (yep, just like the ice smoothing machine) steps out, praising his skills and asking him out on a date. Unfortunately, Zamboni’s overprotective brother , Truck, beats the living crap out of King once he finds out about his dirty intentions. As that wasn’t bad enough, his “girlfriend” also gets angry, calls him a wimp and walks away. All bruised up, our dude decides it would be for the best to head back home. His bad day gets even worse when he discovers Truck’s dead body laying on the floor of his trailer. King decides that calling the po-lice would be the right thing to do, but Vikki (the 911 operator) refuses to investigate unless she gets some pizza and beer. This is where your adventure to discover the real murderer begins.

Describing “Trailer Park King” as point and click adventure game would be a bit of a stretch. The game plays much like the popular Japanese dating-sims where you have to acquire certain items to progress further. That being said, the gameplay is extremely streamlined and you can’t really get stuck at any point unless you consciously decide to do so. Then again, “Trailer Park King” was not intended to be a game that you can enjoy playing over and over. It was designed to tell a story full of forced humor and girls with huge ….err brains, that will happily lend a hand (or two) to help you solve the case as long as you provide everything they need.

And what kind of items do they need? You will have to find that our by yourself. Just pay attention what they have to say while starring at their brains and you’ll be fine. You don’t really have to stop starring at any point (after all, you don’t listen with your eyes) and no one could blame you, as girls and pretty much all the scenery is beautiful to watch (brains especially). The voice-overs on the other hand are terrible. This must be the worst forced (Southern?) accent I’ve ever heard in my entire life. They are so bad that after awhile you start accepting them as part of the game and begin to realize how funny they actually are.

Although it may look like, “Trailer Park King” has no nudity or pornographic content inside. Yes, girls are sexy and their actions are questionable (at best), but they do have their “inappropriate” parts covered at all times. Crude, trashy, stereotypical humor prevails during the entire gameplay and if you purchase your copy from the Play Store right now (for $0.99), you will also get an “invisible free stamp” that says “I dated the Greeter’”!

By Martin Janov

Trailer Park King: Rednecks
Trailer Park King: Rednecks

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