Fantastic Farm released

Maggie is a young graduate from “School of Magic” that decides to use her newly acquired powers to grow vegetables more efficiently. Grow plants, harvest, care for the animals and sell your products in latest Android time-management / farm game from Kristanix.


Unlike her pessimistic parents, Maggie was a good girl , graduated from “School of Magic” and became a real Wizard in just 10 years. Now that she’s back on her parents farm, she decides to use her powers in a way that no one ever has by casting spells on plants and livestock. The plot takes a sudden turn for the worst when sinister business man approaches their porch, claiming that the Mayor himself signed the permission to demolish the small farm so he can build an oil refinery on their land. To save the farm and everything her parents worked for, Maggie will have to grow plants, care for the animals, and operate magical machines to produce sweaters, pies, ice creams and much more!


Fantastic Farms is a farm themed time management game where you try to keep up with the timer and complete various objectives on the given level. 6 plant types, 4 animals and 3 machines will provide all the products you need to complete orders or sell your excess products on the market for some instant cash. Maggie can cast couple of spells that will boost your productivity, but only if she has enough spell points (mana) left. Not everything is available right from the start and you will have to play the game through to unlock all of the spells and items from the shop. 150 levels and 5 game modes should keep you occupied for a while as you chase down achievements and gather trophies for all the manual labor you do.

Fantastic Farm is free to download and play. The only ads you will see are in the main menu and they never seem to appear while playing. If you like the game and decide to support the developer, you can spend $2.0 to unlock everything instantly and remove all the ads.  Happy farming.


Game Features:
* Over 150 levels across five game modes
* Earn trophies for achievements
* 6 different plants, 4 animals and 3 machines
* Enchant items with your magic cauldron

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