Puzzle Strike Gameplay Video (Early Access)

Puzzle Strike: Combat RPG is an upcoming Match-3 puzzle for Android by AlleyLabs. The release date is still unknown, but there is something intriguing about the game itself. The developers are trying to recreate the gameplay from all those fake ads (for other games) that really bother us all. Did they make it? I gave it a quick spin and this is how it looks.

First Impressions

Keep in mind that the version of the game I played is still in early access, so NOT complete by any means. My first impressions were quite positive. The gameplay separates your screen in two, the lower part is occupied by the gems, while above that your soldiers try to eliminate the enemies. You can collect and upgrade soldiers, trying to create the best team possible. However, not everyone is unlocked from the beginning, you will have to play the main campaign to get them.

Here is the gameplay video I recorded.

Puzzle Strike Gameplay Video

The gameplay is smooth for the most part, and I didn’t notice any performance problems. The speed however, is something that should be possible to tweak in the settings (and it’s not). Animations are fun, as well as the special moves, but in time, you will get bored since you don’t really have any control of the action in the upper part of the screen. Speeding this up is essential if you want to focus on the matching part, instead of watching the same actions again and again.

Aside from that little nuisance, Puzzle Strike plays as well as any other good Match-3 title. There are special gems, power gems, 4 and 5 of a kind matches and they all trigger some sort of power action. The in-game store is not yet implemented, but the game does have an energy system that seems to drain up pretty fast.


As far as I know, the game will be available on Android, but the release date is not yet confirmed. In case you want to play it, bookmark the link below.

Dejan B. – “Puzzle Strike Gameplay Video (Early Access)”

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