Dekaron G gets World Siege update

Dekaron G is a popular MMORPG developed by Unsigned Games, under the umbrella of their parent studio ThumbAge. It is available on Android, iOS and PC as a multi-platform title. The newest update brings the “World Siege” event, focused on guild battles and guild related rewards with “Castle” customizations and more.

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About the World Siege Update

The World Siege is a large-scale battle that takes place every other week in which players from the entire server compete for control of a single castle. The battle consists of two phases: an outer castle battle in which players can destroy the gate and Guardian Stone to gain access to the inner castle, and an inner castle battle in which players can acquire the Seal by defeating the Royal Seal Guardian Cerberus.

Dekaron G gets World Siege update
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The guild that successfully defends the throne for 20 minutes without losing it – is declared the winner, while the attacking guild must hold the throne for 15 minutes to claim victory. The ultimate conqueror is rewarded with wealth and honor, including control of world tax, access to the inner castle hideout, and the symbolic mark of the world castle. Additionally, a special package called the “Black Rabbit Diamond Pack,” which includes a rabbit headband event item, will be available for purchase until January 31st.


Dekaron G is available on Android, iOS and PC. If you can’t access the official stores, download the APK file and side-load it on your device, or install it on an emulator. PC version is also available for download.

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