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PSI: Submarine Combat

PSI is a love letter to FTL, featuring intense submarine combat. PSI puts you in command of an elite crew as you battle fires and pump floods as you face off against a long forgotten foe. Featuring hundreds of dialogs, customizable submarines, advanced AI and intense action, PSI is a game built for maximum replayability.


What are you waiting for? The ocean calls.
Note: This is an ongoing project. There will be many features to come, so check out our website! Right now, the game is optimized for:
– Android Tablets
– Android Phones >= 4.5″ screens (It works on all phones, but the UI is a little hard to see on a phone that is very tiny)
<4.5″ Phone UI’s will be a work in progress over the next few weeks, along with continuation, quest overhauls, and a few other things. Afterwards, hull creation/building will take center stage.

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PSI: Submarine Combat
PSI: Submarine Combat
Developer: Exano Software
Price: $1.99

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