Dino World closed beta starts today

Kings Group has released a couple of posters and some info about their upcoming sci-fi strategy game Dino War. The game enters the closed beta stage today, which will last for about two months. Anyone willing to participate in the test will receive “fabulous” in-game rewards, that should help you advance quickly and experience the end-of-world Dino War nightmare scenario!

The in-game gifts that will be awarded to all beta testers will last until the game is ready to be launched, when, as the developers confirmed, all progress will be reset. However, players that participated in the beta,  will receive additional in-game gift packages in the end, which can be used in the final version of the game.

What kind of game is it?

Apparently, its a mix of sci-fi strategy in a world where a “scientific breakthrough” brings the dinosaur’s back to life. The humanity is in peril and your job is to fight for humanity and end dino’s second coming.

The story begins in the near future-2022, when a scientific breakthrough at GeneSys labs brings dinosaurs back to life. The world goes dino-crazy and Footprints theme parks begin popping up all over the world. Things quickly take a dark turn when the technology is co-opted for military use, sparking a grim new era of war and conflict. A vengeful scientist unleashes beasts infected with an aggressive virus upon the world, effectively ending society as we know it. Now, in the year 2041, survivors cling together, struggling to escape the forces of evil attempting to wipe them out. Seeking shelter in the mountains, they stumble upon an unexpected new place to settle: the abandoned GeneSys base. It’s up to the players and the rest of the Resistance to fight for humanity and bring an end to the Dino War nightmare!

If you would like to apply as a beta tester, you can do it on the developers Facebook page, unfortunately no info about system requirements was provided.

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Kings Group is an international mobile game developer and publisher founded in 2017. The developer comes from the team who made King of Avalon, Guns and Glory which attracted more than 20 millions of players around the world. The games were covered more than 16 languages and reached top grossing rankings in many countries including United States, Russia, United Arab Emirates and other 11 countries.


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