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Precopter takes you back to the prehistoric times to relive the challenging life of an air-cab driver. In this action-strategic game you should fight against the time running out and the durability of your taxi. Be smart and quick. Several power ups will help you during your travel.


This game brings retro style gameplay of UGH! All of the 30 different levels contain new features and challenges. You have to face the gravity, avoid or use waterfall physics, find the shortcuts even under the water, or simply brake new way through the walls – everything depends on you.
You’ll experience that with replaying the levels you can figure out better and better convey strategies earning you much score to beat your records.
Have a good ride!

* Give a ride to the cavemen with your Air-cab,
* Decide between speed and safety,
* Collect power ups,
* Always re-think your way and strategy,

*Author’s Description*

Developer: Peter Adam Korodi
Price: Free+


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