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Jason The Game

Venture into the world of the Greek mythology, where Jason’s story had a twist. In the myth of Jason,he is on a quest for the fleece, on this quest he visits a kingdom where he completes various challenges to gain the fleece, but unfortunetly he was betrayed! His men the Argonauts were murdered and Jason was put in the dungeons. Jason now fights his way through to find the Golden Fleece.


Tap your screen to walk around the dungeon and explore! You’ll
encounter various puzzles that you will need to solve to continue.
Are puzzles to boring for you? Don’t worry! We have bosses and enemies that
will make you regret that you don’t like puzzles!

– Unique Environments
– Single Touch gameplay! Use only one finger to do anything!
– Solve challenging and creative puzzles!
– Explore in a dark and beautiful environment
– The dungeon is your enemy, encounter lethal traps!
– Fight mighty monsters and epic bosses!
– Evil furnace

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