POU: The First Smash Launches Globally

The game developer Creasaur Entertainment Co. globally launched its new mobile game POU: The First Smash on the App Store and on Google Play. The game is free to play and according to the authors, it is the first installment of Power of Universe (POU) series, which is going to be all about the balance between good and evil.


POU: The First Smash


Planet Earth is being threatened by mean creatures and lost souls unleashed by the so called “Life Stone” lingering deep inside of the planet. Your job is to save the world by using only your fingers (on one hand). To protect the humanity, you will have to defeat evil demons throughout seven energy nodes, called “Chakras”, located in different regions around the world. The Chakras used to be Earth’s source of balance in the world, however they underwent some kind of deformation and started releasing some of the worst evil forces that have ever lived on the planet.



There are plenty of special moves, skills and spells available for you to fight the evil. Of course, all skills and spells are up-gradable by spending CHI Energy Points that you can collect from slain enemies, or bought in bulk from the in-app store. POU: The First Smash is free to download on both Android and iOS. The developers are promising vivid graphics, achievements that grant rewards, different regions representing the real culture of real countries (including region specific enemies and bosses) and much more.

To download the game, follow the link below. More information about POU: The First Smash is available on the game’s website:

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POU: The First Smash
POU: The First Smash
Developer: Creasaur
Price: Free+
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