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Playground Wars, toddlers to the rescue!

Every kid enjoys spending time at the local playground, but what happens when bullies decide to take it over? They call upon the strongest kid among their ranks, “Alex” who helps them defend their kingdom against the pesky kids in Playground Wars, a brand new castle defense game by Glowdot Productions.


Alex is the strongest, wisest and probably the oldest kid in the neighborhood, apparently capable of coordinating a counter-attack against the bullies from the next street over. In order to do this, Alex will need all the support he can get from his younger friends, toy-like weapons and tons of marbles to upgrade his armies defenses.

Playground Wars is a castle defense game where you take control of Alex and try to crush the enemies while summoning additional forces in form of toddlers and other friends. There are 112 levels divided in 4 seasons (spring, summer, fall and winter) full of primary and optional objectives that you can complete. Defeating enemies and some of the objectives will earn you marbles and mega marbles that you can spend on buying new weapons, upgrading your forces or reinforcing the castle. The weather and time of day system can change the outcome of the battle as certain units can benefit the bad weather while other will cost more to summon at nightfall (toddlers).

Playground Wars is free to download and play from the Google Play Store. There doesn’t seem to be any ads at present and the only optional IAP are the marble bundles that can also be gathered by playing. There are number of upgrades available, engaging boss battles, tons of levels and plenty of customizations that should keep you occupied for a while. The game requires a device running Android 2.3 or later and about 50 megabytes of storage space, follow the link below.

Playground Wars
Playground Wars
Price: Free+
[tab: Game Features]

• Gorgeous, detailed art and animation!
• 112 HAND CRAFTED levels spread out over 4 unique seasonal campaigns!
• 5 different weather conditions, 4 locations and night and day scenarios allow for an insane amount of variety!
• Take command of your hero Alex, and recruit 9 additional friends to take on the bully menace!
• Defend against a variety of enemy units, including 4 bosses before encountering the very special, epic final Mega Tank!
• Unlock unique and powerful PERKS to use in battle to gain a crucial advantage!
• Earn MARBLES and MEGA MARBLES to spend on over 400 upgrades! Level up your units, buy them armor, give them splash damage, increased movement and attack speed, and special offensive and defensive capabilities.
• An advantage system balances the units against each other – the big guys don’t like getting wet, triker units fear the pikemen and, of course, the bosses don’t know what to do about Alex!
• The weather and time of day system gives strength and weaknesses to your friends. The soakers are great in the cold, less effective in the rain. Your little toddlers cost more to recruit at night but love to play in the snow! Learn these affinities to plan the perfect strategy for each level!
• Original soundtrack comprising 5 epic songs accompanying detailed and thrilling sound effects!
• Finely tuned unit AI and combat mechanics!


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