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Pipes 3D

Pipes 3D is a simple, addictive, fun and challenging puzzle game which will make you think in 3D. It is inspired by numberlink aka flow type games, but instead of playing on a two dimensional plane, you get to play on a surface of a three dimensional cube. This game retains the enjoyment and simplicity of a regular flow-like games, as well as offers more challenging ways to play it for those who find regular numberlink type games just a little bit too easy.

* 500 levels and more coming!
* Different difficulty levels catering for everybody’s taste!
* Colorful high level 3D graphics!
* Deep, relaxing music!
* Comfortable, modifiable controls!
* Google Play integration with leaderboards and achievements!
* Gameplay statistics!
* Excellent quality models and pixel shader lighting!
* 3 types of pipe models!

* Please, don’t leave 1-star ratings without any comment. Your feedback is very valuable to us!

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Pipes 3D
Pipes 3D
Developer: Giria Studios
Price: Free

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