Doors and Rooms 2 arrives on Android

Gameday inc. just released a sequel to their highly popular escape puzzler Doors and Rooms. Once again, your job is to exercise your brain, follow your instincts and solve puzzles to find the escape route.


Doors & Rooms 2 introduces over 20 new levels and high quality HD graphics, but retains the same gameplay mechanics that made the first game so popular. You will have to solve multiple puzzles on each stage, one involving the main escape route plus one bonus puzzle awarding stars that can be collected as bonus. The game gets harder after each stage, forcing you to pay attention to even the smallest details (or sounds) hiding all the clues.

If you get stuck, you can always use the hint system if you have few coins to spare. Coins and rubies can be acquired by completing the achievements, or purchased from the in-app store. Spare keys are also important as they are needed to unlock all the levels and progress further. If you run out of keys, you can purchase more by spending some of your rubies, or you can simply wait for them to regenerate (1 key per 1 hour). Doors & Rooms 2 also has ads and unfortunately, there seems to be no way to remove them. The developers promised more levels to come, so check your Play Store update tab occasionally. The game can be downloaded for free link below.




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Doors&Rooms 2 : Escape game
Doors&Rooms 2 : Escape game
Developer: Gameday Inc.
Price: Free+
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Game Features
– Puzzle your way past rooms of all types, ranging from living rooms, to bars, to a school and a subway
– HD graphics that are never before seen in escape games!
– Start escaping immediately with intuitive UI and easy to learn mechanics!
– Don’t be too hasty, rooms get harder the deeper you go. Paying attention to the little clues is the only way you will survive!
– Absolutely FREE to play!!


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