Pet Roulette, kill your hamster

Russian Roulette is a lethal game where participants place a single bullet in their revolver, spin the barrel, put it against their head and hope for the best. Pet Roulette is pretty much the same, except there are no stupid people involved.

Two game modes are available, in which you either have to kill or save the pet. Each successful round provides certain amount of points, coins and adds special bullets in your inventory that you can replace with the regular ones. After you lose the first game mode, you get to put all your “survivors” inside a spinning well and watch them tumble inside until they land on some of the bonus fields. The minigame you play after losing the second game mode is less interesting (and quite morbid) as you need to touch and recycle all the pets that died during the match. Yuck.


There are couple of different bullet types that you can use. While some are harmless (bubble gun, blanks, paintball shells), others will not only kill your hamsters, but make them suffer as well. The Thermonuclear bullet for example will obliterate even the bravest pet, while the boomerang bullet will slice two pets at once. You can buy additional bullets by spending coins that you earn while playing.

Pet Roulette offers leaderboards access where you can compete against your friends and 10 achievements that can be unlocked by spending even more coins. Those achievements will also unlock different types of bandanas to make your hamsters look adorable before you seal their destinies. You can get more coins by killing the innocent animals, or buy them for real money from within the game, so yes IAPs.

This game, while highly immoral, can be quite fun if you don’t mind all the blood and watching cute little rodents tremble in front of your revolver. You can download Pet Roulette for free.

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