Free ad-supported version of Clay Hunt is now available

Sport shooting and shotgun fans in general can now enjoy playing Clay Hunt without spending a dime. Mount your shotgun and shoot down clay birds as they fly inside your viewfinder, top the leaderboards, be the ultimate marksman.


Clay Hunt features real life physics and authentic shotgun models, so don’t expect to go all Rambo on the clay birds. You will have to line up your gun properly and shoot the target at the right moment or you will miss it.  Each game concludes after round 3, when you get to see your scorecard and how well did you perform. You can choose between 3 difficulty modes, beginner, expert and pro while playing the classic skeet/trap game.

The Arcade challenge features weapon upgrades, power-ups and endless mode where you can shoot away your targets without bullet restrictions and other nonsenses. Coins that you earn can also be bought for real money and no matter which bundle you decide to buy, it will also remove all the ads.

Speaking of ads, they can be seen occasionally, but never during the actual gameplay or between games. Clay Hunt provides 27 achievements that you can collect and access to global leaderboards where you can compete against your friends. Even if you absolutely suck at this, the tutorial will teach you everything you need to know about clay bird shooting and how to aim properly. Follow the link below.

Clay Hunt Ad Supported
Clay Hunt Ad Supported
Developer: Shotgun Gaming Oy
Price: Free

Game Features:
* Real life physics for clay bird trajectories and leads
* Unique multi-touch controls
* Authentic graphics and sound effects
* Tutorial mode, where you can practice your shotgun handling
* Three classic skeet/trap like clay shooting modes: Beginner, Expert and Pro
* Arcade challenge with weapon upgrades, power-ups and endless challenge
* Three shotguns: double barrel and two semi-automatics
* Google+ Leaderboards and Achievements

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