Pascal Wager – Dance of the Throne

Pascal Wager, the game officially introduced as a challenging role playing game and recognized among gamers as the unofficial Dark Souls for Android, received a brand new update – Dance of the Throne. The update is already live for Android and iOS, while owners of Pascal’s Wager: Definitive Edition on Steam, Epic Games Store and Nintendo Switch will be receiving Dance of the Throne for free later this year.

The main star of “Dance of the Throne” is Elena, the leader of Demiurge, arriving as playable character. Wielding the Blade of Revenge, she can switch between single and dual blade forms, giving her two distinctive battle styles.

The update also introduces re-arranged levels and enemy configurations while preserving the exquisite map designs. Secrets in every corner of the map are still waiting to be discovered.

Pascal’s Wager is available on Android for 3.99$ at the moment and the expansion can be purchased for 1.99$. Elena’s outfit “Enigma” for Dance of the Throne will be available for $0.99.

Pascal's Wager
Pascal's Wager
Developer: Giant Global
Price: $3.99

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